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Winter time

Winter is finally here. How much I’ve been longing for him in the last too warm weeks. I longed for walks on fresh, crunching snow, thickly packed from top to bottom, and a dog freaking out with joy at my side.
With winter comes automatically the need for retreat. Emotionally but also physically. For some years I practice this now very consciously and consistently and realize how important this is for us humans. Living with the rhythm of nature and the seasons is the most natural thing we can do. Take the stress and the full calendar out of your everyday life. Allow yourself more to flow. Pay more attention to what’s good for the current day.

Then peace comes to us. Many things that we have given such high priority become unimportant. We can return to the essential things and values.
And although it would be so good for us all, the social structures make it very difficult for us. Not defining and planning is not easy for the majority of people. And even if you can let it flow well for yourself, society makes it difficult for you from the outside.

I am, to be honest, always in the clinch with me. In general, I can live very well according to nature and my needs and shape my everyday life. I do not let myself discourage me very often. But I catch myself time and again that I devalue others who practice this so consistently, because I just like to have an appointment confirmation of them.

At the respect for other people I have to work every now and then. To make me aware I do not know the whole story and I am not entitled to rate this person.

Outlast the winter

As nice as it is to acknowledge this retreat and the slowness of winter, sometimes it annoys me too.
That I need much more time in the morning to get out of bed.
That on many days I have the feeling that I am not really awake at all.
That my eye bags are bigger.

On such days, it helps me to do the following things very consciously:

  • to meet a dear friend
  • to take a long walk around lunchtime
  • to add a unit of stretching exercises to my morning ritual
  • to turn up loud music, to sing to it and to dance through the apartment

What I do more in the winter is to write a journal. In general, writing helps me reflecting myself. And in this time of the year it is simply the best thing to do, to see what’s going on inside yourself, and to be aware of the changes you can realize in spring.

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