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To live consciously?

“Living consciously” has become a real modern concept by now and magazines, books and blogs are full of tips and tricks. But I also observe that this always means something different for every human being.

Some refer to a healthy lifestyle, with a focus on nutrition and sports. Others only see it as a spiritual approach and try to bring more mindfulness and calm into their lives. Then there are the people who connect the sustainable aspect to it, looking at the state of our earth.

Well, and then there are people like me who can not look at it all separately. The people who try to consciously live all areas of their lives.

What does that mean exactly?

Actually, it is quite simple – and yet so hard!

It means that I ask myself again and again the question of whether my actions, my consumption and my thinking are “sustainable” or whether I can change anything. For me personally, sustainability means that what I do, buy and produce does not harm anyone. And I go so far as to include the coming generations in my thoughts.

It is not that I have deliberately chosen this questioning and approach. It takes a lot of time and energy and is very exhausting at some point. And sometimes I wish I could forget all the facts and background information and go through life as blindly as many do.
But I can not. It just seems to belong to me. I can not forget facts.
Although I can hardly remember the sources from which I draw my information, but as soon as I understand something, I directly draw a consequence for my actions. And this is saved and implemented!

As a result, I constantly readjust my life. I try to do things differently than before and find my way, on which I still feel comfortable with it. Most of the time, I’m much better off with the consequences and the new actions involved than before. Probably because I feel that this way is better for everyone. And I know that I am contributing a small part of it so that it does not get any worse with our earth. That I can stay healthy and go through my life content and happy.

Of course, all this is a big and long process that will probably never be completed. Because life is constantly in motion and is changing daily. And yes, I too sometimes have sagging phases. Since then I do not pay attention to everything for a few days and do not pick up the garbage when going for a walk. But hey, that’s completely normal and human! Constant optimization is sometimes tiring. And you need breaks.

So, if you are living like me myself:
Treat yourself to breaks and “slip-ups” and do not judge yourself! Because then you can go on with new energy afterwards.

But now in concrete terms

Since I pay attention to so many things for years, it is difficult for me to list them on the fly. Much has already become so normal and is no longer in the adjustment process. But I will try to summarize here shortly, with which topics I currently deliberately deal:

I’ve been practicing 14:10 intermittent fasting for a few weeks, eat mostly plant-based, making sure I’m walking at least 10.000 steps a day and try to sit less. I only care for my body with natural products, I don´t use shampoo anymore and use hair soap instead, use coconut oil for the skin, a 100% bamboo tooth brush for brushing my teeth (which can be completely composted) and my makeup (powder and mascara) I buy from the Zao brand (organic and packed in bamboo). I have been wearing no bras for two months now, giving my breast muscles the opportunity to rebuild their natural support. I live more and more minimalistic, buy if, then only FairFashion, knit everything else by myself and pay attention to the origin and the mode of production of  the wool. I get 90% of our food in the bulk store and avoid a lot of plastic waste, which I collect on my walks when I see it. Emotionally, I find more and more to rest through Yin Yoga (my way of meditation) and inner conversations, even more mindfulness in my everyday life and good conversations with like-minded people.

And there is certainly much more ….

Do you have questions about individual subareas or everything? 😉
I would like to help you if I can. And I appreciate feedback on how you handle this topic.

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