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Tell me your story

Here I am and asking for your story. Is that too direct? Maybe.

But frankly, I do not care how you feel about the weather or what movie you saw yesterday. At least not if the “why” behind it remains hidden. I am interested in your inner core, your beliefs and your passions. For what makes you cry and especially smile.

I am convinced that all people feel a great need to be seen and accepted. There is nothing more beautiful than the understanding smile of a human being about whom you have just opened and communicated.
Arrive. Breathe. Wonderful!

So what is my “why”?

For years I have been hearing from many different people that telling my story and sharing my views about life is valuable to them. That they are inspired by how I live my life. And yes, only when we communicate, share our experiences with others, we truly are able to learn from each other. No area of ​​life is excluded. The launch of this blog is my first step in truly and sustainably sharing my knowledge with you. To stimulate the exchange. To get in touch with you. To move something in you or help you through my words.
But above all, to learn from you and let me be inspired. Where that will lead us, we will see.

Who am I?

I am Vivianne and I am a multipotentialite – finally there is a word for it! I learned this recently from Emilie Wapnick.
And there are many more of my kind, which calms me a lot. When you are knitted that way, you often feel a bit strange. Because society has no sense of how to deal with such people.

What is a multipotentialite? The word describes it quite well. These are people who have very diverse interests, which they also follow and learn very intensively. Mostly they are very good in the individual disciplines. One could also say that these are people with many talents.
Thus, it is very difficult for multipotentialites to focus on a profession that they want to practice for a long time.
I know that very well from myself. Since I started my professional life, after a certain period of time, I keep hoping for something else. So far, that was 3 jobs between which I hopped back and forth. I can really get excited about one of them for a few months and spend a lot of time on it, and then it gets boring very quickly. And the other interests I have are missing.
All the coaches that I have visited so far have advised me to finally focus on one of the professions and pursue the other interests as a hobby.
I have been trying this for 15 years now. And I failed miserably. Over and over again.

That does not make you happy.

So I recently decided that it is time to accept that I have many different talents that I would like to use on a regular basis. This acceptance has caused me to slowly see possibilities, as I can probably link a large part of it in a future activity.

Now we’ll just see what makes me, the singer, the psychological kinesiologist, the web designer, the knitter and pen lover. I am very excited!
And I am glad that you will accompany me on my way.

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Picture Portrait: Ingo Ballmann