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Which “things” make you happy? Is it really “things” that are responsible for your happiness? Or are they rather emotions that are caused by experiences and people?

Like everyone else, until a few years ago, I too had the misconception that it is essential for a happy life, earning a lot of money, going on vacation twice a year, owning an expensive car and many other great things. However, my life did not give me the opportunity and the jobs to actually get that much money to put it into practice. And I’m really happy about it.
Of course, in those moments when I sat crying somewhere in the corner because I did not know how to get my son and myself through the next month, I could not see the benefits. It just started my survival mechanism. And this has already taught me a lot.

Namely, that you can live with really little money (and therefore little things).
For many months, I only had 30.- EUR per week to buy groceries. If one has bought only in the health food store out of conviction, your head says: “Impossible!”
But it worked. But of course not in organic quality. I became a regular customer at the discounter around the corner.

Through these experiences, I look with great gratitude to my current purchases. Also, I only buy what I really need. No more hoarding like in the past. Nowadays, the Zero-Waste stores make it even easier for me, because I can buy just the right amount of everything I need.

Pack moving boxes seventeen times

Another “un”possibility to devote myself to collecting things in the long term has resulted from my 17 moves so far.
Yes, 17 is a lot! Too much!
However, I have always reduced down with each further move. Because each time I was aware of how often I packed certain items again, without even having used or viewed them once in a while.
So away with it!

Even all the emotional stuff like letters, postcards and far too many photos (often in multiple editions). Everything superfluous came away. Because I like to live in the present.

So, over the last few years, I have become more and more a minimalist and can claim that this way of living makes me very happy. Also, I feel a little proud when I realize how I’m just “winning” my inner dialogue when it comes to buying something new. And then do not do it. It is such a satisfying feeling to know and to feel with how little one copes well.

And what makes me happy now?

To see my son develop into a great man.
The joy of playing and heartedness of my dog.
To share caresses and deep conversations with my boyfriend.
The harvest from our garden.
Daily time for me to knit and be alone in silence.

Except for the fruit, which falls from the trees for free, this list contains nothing material.
Isn┬┤t it amazing how easy you can be happy? ­čśë

And now I’m curious:
What makes you happy? What is your list?
Share it here as a comment or use the hashtag #myhappythingslist on Instagram.

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