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Back to the wool – Knitting-Retreat

Wool is a unique, renewable and biodegradable raw material. But which way has the wool actually behind before we can work with it? How can it be sustainably obtained, dyed and processed?
All these questions are explored in this retreat for knitters.

Surrounded by meadows and mountains, rustic walls, varied food and especially by like-minded people, we spend a relaxing week in Passeiertal in South Tyrol. In addition to a lot of knitting time by the fireplace, we learn in the family business SPINNRADL the sustainable production process from the raw wool of South Tyrolean sheep to the finished garment.

Valentina from SNAILYARN dyes with us some strands of wool with plants and kitchen waste, we make natural cosmetics with regional products and learn well to take care of our knitter muscles. Also, a woolly wellness surprise awaits, with which we get our own spa into the house, so to speak.


  • Accommodation for 7 nights in a lovingly restored 800 year old farmhouse at 1,400 meters metres above sea
    (accommodation in several double rooms and one four-person room)
  • 7 days full board (plantbased, vegan) by our private cook Janne Vollert.
    (All drinks, such as coffee, tea, water, juices, wine are included)
  • Common hike (easy level) through the Passerschlucht from Moos to St. Leonhard
  • Guided visit of the workshops of the family business SPINNRADL in St. Leonhard
  • Workshop “Dyeing with plants” for several days with the hand dyer Valentina Consalvi from SNAILYARN
    (every day for a few hours, as desired and required)
  • 2-hour workshop “Natural cosmetics from regional resources” with Rosi Walder from KRAEDU
  • Relaxation and wellness elements for knitters
  • Sustainable goodie bag

Not included:

  • Arrival to Moos i. P.
    (Information on bus connections from Merano will be sent with the registration confirmation.)


  • Cooking workshop with Janne Vollert
    additional costs: 39.- per person (payable on site)

    You want to eat healthier, but the implementation is difficult for you?
    You are not alone: In everyday life we often do not find the time between work, family, sports and appointments to cook and take good care of ourselves and our bodies.
    In this workshop, Janne will show you how to make great dishes with precious, fresh and seasonal food without the expense of a hassle.
    Supplied with all the essential nutrients but no excess calories, a herbal diet helps you to feel lighter, fitter and better!

Our Team

Valentina Consalvi
Valentina is an italian yarn dyer, and she lives in Rome on the countryside.
She started her dyeing journey with synthetic dyes and industrial yarns, as she didn’t know much about wool, but as a nature lover she has always been fascinated by plant dyes. With the time she learned a lot about the properties of natural wool, and she has been more keen to explore natural dyes, the tradional ones, as well as the local ones she can find in her hometown surroundings, which works great with her growing passion of nature’s photography.
> To the interview with Valentina
Janne Vollert
Janne is a certified plant-based cook and nutritionist, trained at the Plant Based Institute, the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and the Ecodemy. In workshops, courses, coaching and cooking on retreats, she gives pleasure in enjoyment, fun in the kitchen and knowledge about plant-based nutrition. A healthy body is our most important asset, and we should take care of it as best we can, with the help of a healing, natural diet. Janne tries to live in harmony with herself and nature as much as possible – in addition to a sustainable, healthy diet, she also practices yoga, kiting, surfing and spending time outdoors.
> To the interview with Janne
Rosi Mangger Walder
Since she can remember, she feels close to nature. From childhood on, she accompanies this topic, including her gardener apprenticeship, right up to master florist degree. In the last 5 years she was able to deepen her enthusiasm with several training courses in herb cultivation, herbal education, folk medicine and Kneipp therapy.
Her claim: to produce high-quality herbal products in harmony with nature and in a sustainable way.
> To the interview with Rosi
Vivianne Vogé
For a long time, I was looking for real togetherness, a space in which people can really open themselves. A way to get creative together. In the midst of the tranquility of nature to discover our own nature. I have now found this with the organization of the conscious creatives retreats. I am responsible for a smooth process, the contact person on site, offer the relaxation units and an open ear for personal concerns. If you are interested, I also like to share my experiences on how to move to a more sustainable everyday life. If you want to know more about me and my motivations, you can read more about it on the blog.

02.05.2020 - 09.05.2020


Moso In Passiria, Italy


min. 5 / max. 8
Wheter the minimum number of participants has been reached will be announced no later than 5 weeks before the retreat starts.


German, English

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Ticket Type Price Spaces
> Single Ticket
If you book 2 seats at the same time, for you and an accompanying person, you secure a guaranteed double room and receive a discount of 200 EUR on the total amount. Deadline: 31. Januar 2020
+ Accommodation
7 nights in a lovingly restored 800 year old farmhouse at 1,400 meters metres above sea (accommodation in several double rooms and one four-person room)
+ Meals
7 days full board (plantbased, vegan) by our private chef. (All drinks, such as coffee, tea, water, juices, wine are included)

Was bisherige Retreat-Teilnehmer sagen...
The „Back to the wool“ retreat in South Tyrol, Italy started with expanding my group of knitting friends with the sweetest knitting girls in Europe. Knitting retreats are truely something special. And it was an important dimention added to this one: sustainability Dear Valentina learnt us how to dye with plants. And me, not even beeing a vegetarian could not help totally falling in love with the most delicious vegan food carefully prepared to us by Janne. We made natural cosmetics and visited the spinnery „Spinnradl“ where the same machines has been running since last world war. - Tonje -