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There are moments in life that you might expect, but when they suddenly pop up, they somehow overwhelm you.

For many years I have been dreaming of location-independent life and work. To explore this incredibly beautiful earth and to finally find my place, my home. I can work from anywhere as a freelancer but the location-independent life was previously not possible with a child and the school system here in Germany.
Now my almost 17-year-old child has finally discovered a suitable school for his education and would like to start there in summer, when he has passed the entrance examination. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have always oriented my education towards creating opportunities to discover oneself and to promote one’s own talents. To become independent and self-responsible. So I will support this path with all my heart.

However, this school is located in another city. And that means that my kid, if successful, will move in summer. Help! Now? So suddenly?

Of course, you’re expecting this as the kid moves towards age 18, but somehow I thought I’d have two more years. Since the move will also bring a major financial change (and I do not want to keep our apartment then), I have decided not to wait until July to know if it works or not, but to prepare myself. Inwardly and outwardly.

Travel is the only thing you buy that can make you feel richer.

For days I have been thinking about what my life should look like after that. I am hovering between great joy and huge respect for the coming decisions. Can I just implement what I want? Is my partner also on board, who has always been excited about this plans – at least theoretically? Or will this be a solo trip?

The possibilities that open up seem endless and incredibly diverse. That’s just overwhelming me. That’s why I decided to first look at the issues, which have to be done anyway, no matter how and when it goes on.

Minimize life

If I want to live/work independently of location, I would like to travel with as few things as possible. Ideally, everything that I own fits in my car. This would allow me to move flexibly from place to place and have my “stuff” always with me.
Since I’ve given minimalism a very big place in my life over the last 5 years, I’m constantly wondering if I really need this or that to be happy. Therefore, things are regularly and continuously mucked out, given away, sold, disposed of. I’m going to take this a bit to the extreme and head to the next level with the goal of “everything has to fit in the car”. I have time until July. That would have to be done.

Find tiny houses

My dream is to someday live in a Tiny House in pure nature. If possible with a model, which is to move with trailer hitch. That way it can always move with me. First of all, I still lack the money, but I would like to try living in a confined space over a longer period of time. In the next few months I will look for suitable rental options. And of course I’m more than open for recommendations and tips.

Money, money, money

And last but not least, I will try to get a clear view of the finances, which will change as a result of this transformation. What will I really have in fixed costs if I move out of the appartment and start touring the world? What costs can I forego and what’s new for me?

All this takes a lot of time.
Actually, I wanted to have two more retreat topics organized by summer.
But hey: that’s life! This decision has priority now.

Photo Tiny House: @pexels

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