the art of living a conscious & creative life

My greatest value

Sometimes the world gets on my nerves!

We have created a society that strives for success, money, power and prestige, forgetting the values ​​that make a truly fulfilling and contented life.
Of course there are the exceptions. People who are now consciously taking a different, mindful path. I’ve been trying this for a few years now. This is anything but easy. It is made very difficult. The reward, however, is immense. And that’s why you stick to it, you once started walking this path.

It is so loud here

Please do not get me wrong: to be loud is ok.
I can laugh pretty loud when I’m happy. And my singing makes walls wobble as I flow along on the energy of a song. And let’s not talk about the volume if I argue with somebody …

But I can not cope with the volume of “loud people”. These are usually extremely extroverted, seem very contrived and unreal and bring themselves constantly in the focus when spending time together. Since one could say now that I should not take it so seriously, after all, I usually recognize this species in a few minutes. But that bothers me a lot.
On the one hand, I feel compassion for these people because they can not be so close to themselves, and on the other hand, I constantly feel how energy is being withdrawn from me. I have to get out of the situation quickly then. But if that is not possible, I usually become very quiet and try to isolate myself inside.

Likewise, I suffer from the fact that still so many people do not take the condition of our world seriously. Or they think that small steps in their everyday life will make no difference to the big change.
Yes, I also have phases in which I tell myself exactly that and no longer have the desire to minimize. But these phases are short and usually go by very quickly. And then I see how happy it makes me to have made these changes in my life.


The most important point, which in my opinion has the most impact on all areas of life, is the reduction to the essentials.

For years, I have been minimize my belongings ever further. Yet my feeling tells me that I still have too many things.
The more things we own, the more time we need to care for and use them. And the more space must be available to keep them.

For me, the path to minimalism has a lot to do with gratitude, focus on the real essentials in life and above all freedom.
Because the less things you have, the more time you have. More time creates a sense of freedom, inner peace and a view on what is really important to you in life. And in that moment a free and creative life can begin.


To live a creative life, in my eyes, means more than making, painting, writing, knitting, etc.
Living creatively means inner freedom.
The freedom to decide for myself what I want to do with my life.
The freedom to let life flow and to see what awaits me.
The freedom to integrate things into my everyday life that make my heart leap, and much more.

Through creative activities, however, emotions can be wonderfully processed and expressed. For example, it is common in the knitting scene to say that knitting is also like therapy or/and meditation for many. Creating creative things grounds and focuses us. What a great treat in such a stressful world with so many external distractions.

The essentials

So I ask myself regularly the question, what I can reduce even more. In which area do I still have more than the really necessary things?
And then I start another reduction phase.

Minimalism and creativity – both are a way for me. The goal is a relaxed life with lots of time for all things I would like to do.

Because life is not constant. And if I want to live a creative life, I have to let it flow and readjust myself when appropriate. Thus, my needs and circumstances change again and again. The book “Der kleine Minimalist” by Joachim Klöckner offers wonderful suggestions here.

Minimalism is less a way of life for me than my natural life structure. I like to live with this structure. Even if it always asks me new tasks. However, this is more than ok when it comes to finding solutions to world problems such as resource shortages or waste overload.

– Joachim Klöckner

Currently, I have taken the next step, which includes:

  • Writing lists of the things that I still have in stock.
    So that I have an overview, what is still there and does not have to be bought.
  • Listing all my regular outgoings.
    Analyze where something can be saved. The less expenses, the less money you have to earn. ?

Are you also minimalist?
How do you deal with this topic?

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