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Let´s be honest…

My friends appreciate me for my honesty. I find it extremely difficult not to say exactly what I think. I am a bad faker! And I am proud of it.

But this also leads to rejection and anger very often in people who do not know me so well or friends who live very unreflected and actually do not want to dig in deeper.
Do not get me wrong: I do not communicate deliberately hurting, no, I even try very hard to find the right words, so that my honesty can be accepted. But let’s face it, we do not always want to hear the truth. This can be very uncomfortable. Because that means, that we have to deal with it. Or just repress further. Sometimes both are simply no fun in certain topics.

Some people can handle my honest words and my directness very well. And if this leads to a deeper conversation and maybe even a development, then it gives me a deep joy. Life is so complex and very often it can be very difficult. If I can support someone through a difficult time with my history and my experiences , then that’s more than I would have ever dared to wish for.

I’m just happy when I can put a smile on the face of others. It does not always take a hard topic to solve, it’s often the little things. They should only come from the heart. Whether I knit something for a friend, whether I bring something for the neighbor while shopping, whether I hold the door for the man at the bakery  or greet the lady on the street.
These seem to be very rare gestures nowadays. Many people are surprised at first, and then often give their unconditional thanks. But these moments create a bondage that does us all damn good, if we are honest.

What beautiful connecting experiences have you had lately? Let us share them.
Leave a comment here on the page or use the hashtag #littlethingsconnect if you want to share this on Instagram.

I look forward to your moments and reports. Inspire me! 🙂


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