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Jumana Mattukat

I am convinced that role models can help us achieve our own wishes and goals. That’s why I launched the series “conscious creatives telling their stories”. Here I would like to introduce you again and again to people who are already consciously and creatively shaping their lives.

My first interview guest was Jumana Mattukat. Jumana moderated for 13 years on television and now works as a self-employed coach and founder of the “School of Intuition” in Bremen.

Dear Jumana …
… was there any moment in your life when you realized that you wanted to work with people and coach them, or did that just happen?

I still know exactly what this moment was!

I met Christina Kessler, my future teacher, about my old TV job because she was suggested to me as an interview guest. When I wrote to her, she invited me to one of her seminars so that I could have a look at her work before I conducted the interview. That’s how I got into this seminar in the first place – as an observational journalist. And then I was there “stuck”, have completed several seminars and understood that this is an education when I complete all seminars. An apprenticeship as “Consultant for interconnective development”.

This training I did “only” for me, because I still had my job in television and also did not have the plan to go professionally in the direction of coaching.

But then I did a trial coaching during the training. And after that, it felt like “that’s it, that’s totally my thing!”

However, it was still a long process. First, I connected the TV work and coaching. As a transition, I held presentation training – coaching in front of the camera.

And then, like a sign from above, coinciding with the end of the training, my television program was discontinued.

… did you grow up in a parental home which dealt with life very openly and consciously?

If you said the terms “spirituality” or “consciousness” in front of my mother, she would probably run away screaming.

At the same time, however, I find that my parents have given me a lot about the issues of “openness” and “being hosts”. For example, our door was always open. Anyone could come over anytime. My dad, as a Lebanese, has it already in the blood and my mother just lived it that way anyway.

Also a certain optimism – a “we will get there somehow” attitude, I got to live at home.

But the topic “Awareness” and how I deliberately took my path, that only came to maturity about 6 years ago. So only when I grew up and even was a mother. Certainly there are also roots created in my childhood, but not necessarily aware.

I also believe that the two different roots that I associate with, and thus different conditioning, make up a lot of my person and maybe also my consciousness.

… who and what inspires you?

My children – again and again. Both when they were small, but now that they are bigger too.
In the way they see and express some things. How they shout out their wisdom completely innocently and unthinkingly.
It’s often the simple things that inspire me. Such as our cat, who teaches me not to take everything so seriously and really take many breaks. I imagine how she thinks, “How can you get so excited about so many things?”
And of course it inspires me to be in nature. There I always realize that on the one hand I am completely unimportant, because I am just a tiny part of everything and at the same time an important part of the whole.

I also think that the most difficult situations in my life have always been very inspiring. For example, by experiencing the birth of my first child, I started looking for an alternative. I was convinced that it was not intended to be so painful and intrusive. This brought me to Dr Djalali, who brought the haptonomic birth into my life. In this form of birth, the child shows the way, it’s kind of like giving birth to itself. The birth was largely painless in this way.

From a professional point of view, Christina Kessler is my inspiration and role model. How she manages to communicate only with the inner core of her counterpart and fades out the ego inspires me a lot.
My coaching mission statement comes from the book “Momo”: Momo could listen so well that people have told very smart things and even came to the solution of their problems by themself.

… have you ever wondered what you can or can do to the world with your actions? Or is there still need for change, so you can be satisfied with it?

To be satisfied is a good keyword! ;-)
Basically, I am on the way from doing to being and from “doing right” to devotion and trust. However, perfectionism always comes in my way. But I also see this as a drive.
What I appreciate and what I find that I am doing well is really listening. To create a space in which the other person has the opportunity to open up.
The other day, when I interviewed for a television project again, I realized how transformation happens while talking when I use that coaching ability of true listening. Through this way of asking, through this space that I provide, there can really arise what is salutary to someone.

And just yesterday I had a mediation process, during which I thought, “Phew, I do not know how to go on”. I then consciously conceded this and shook my head. And I suppose, by shaking my head, I probably turned off my mind because then the saving idea came to me.
I asked the two opponents to look each other in the eye for a few minutes. That was really a challenge for the two in this situation. But it made a difference, the relationship got a different quality.
It showed me again that I can come up with the helpful things, if I trust my intuition and let myself be led. If I give myself this room.

… in which form is it important for you to have like-minded people around you? Do you like to talk about the topics that move you or do you deal with yourself a lot?

In order to get on I love to have a counterpart. I also come to knowledge about meditating or breathing, but I love to see what happens when I speak and reflect with an open counterpart.
And I need rest. I have recently discovered that I also have a hermit part in me. I always thought I was just communication and society, but I also need a total retreat. And by now I think it’s very nice that I also allow myself to be my hermit.

… I think that is also related to the personal development process. The more one understands, the more one dives in, the more one needs this regeneration time. One more, the other less. But the outside is always distracting and strenuous.

Yes, I agree. The breaks are needed to digest and process all these insights. It also sometimes takes a break from reflection. It also sometimes needs this “do nothing at all”. Incidentally, I started to watch a series again. Because I really do not do anything And do not even meditate.
I totally enjoy that, because I immerse myself completely.

And a bond of like-minded people is very important to me. Both with the people with whom I do the self-care experiment, but also the people with whom I resonate in the same consciousness.

… what does it mean for you to live a creative life?

Some time ago I probably would have answered “connect with me and write what comes to my mind”. It’s also part of my creativity. Creative life, I think its a nice question, because that’s more than just being creative.

To live creatively is to allow again and again that something new, a new thought, something that I have never seen before, can find a place. For example, an opinion or a change of perspective. Or a person whom I have seen differently before. To really let me get involved.
And so I like to ask the question: “What does life want from me?”
And not only what I want from life, but also the other way around. To really listen, if I am on the way that life has planned for me. It is important for me to match.

I think if I keep asking that question, then I’m creative. Because then I’m just as open and creative as life itself.

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