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In the green salon

Since March of this year the Westend of Wiesbaden has something very special to offer:
Karen Muth opened a real “nature-connected hairdressing salon” there!
After 25 years in employment, she has now ventured the step to her own salon. And she did this with a very natural and (unfortunately) not very common concept.

What is a nature-connected hairdresser?

As the word already says, it is about the connection to nature and to naturalness. Meanwhile, it is no longer a secret that with the use of the usual “skin care products” for skin and hair we rinse microplastics and other nasty ingredients into the oceans and thus our water and harm our bodies more than to help them. Even in expensive natural cosmetics or organic products there are still too many harmful and simply unnecessary ingredients present.

A nature-loving hairdresser dispenses with all these remedies and waters and offers a care and treatment that can lead to healthy hair and a relaxed scalp.

Reduced product range

In Karen´s salon hair is washed with hair soaps, rinsed with acid rinse, dyed exclusively with plant dyes and brushed with sisal brushes. Hair spray or something like that does simply not exist anymore.

Since hairdressing salons are huge waste producers, she is also taking care to use and sell packaging-free and consistently vegan products. It starts with the hair soap and stops with the home-made cleaning agent.

How does this work?

If you have not had any contact with such hair care, you will be advised competently by Karen, so you can continue in everyday life with it. For a change to natural hair care takes time and therefore a little patience. First, you have to give the scalp and hair the opportunity to regenerate and return to natural body processes.

“I love to cut hair. This has a lot to do with psychology for me. I can help bring people to themselves.”

Karen is keen to offer a real alternative with her salon and deliberately leave the cosmetics industry. For people who have already taken this step privately but also for those who are interested, but still have no experience.

In the near future, she will also be offering information events and workshops on the topics of “natural body and hair care” and “less waste in everyday life”. There are also self-knitted dishcloths on her shelf. “To make it easier for people to enter a life free of plastic.”

You also want an appointment now?

Im grünen Salon
Westendstrasse 12
65196 Wiesbaden
Phone 0611 404420