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I treat myself good

I have never been a fan of classic meditation. Silently sitting and concentrating on my breath have always been an abomination, a waste of time. This was probably due to the fact that I couldn´t bring my thoughts to calm down. My head actually works day and night. At night he balances what he could not handle during the day. That’s why I have very intense dreams, mostly peppered with special effects of the acoustic type (in short: I talk at night ;-)).

In the last few months, however, meditating has helped me enormously to rediscover my focus and to calm down internally. In the process, I also found my two “invisible friends” whom I mentioned here. When I felt better and better and my joy returned, I let this daily ritual fall asleep again, because: It has never made fun for me, even though I feel better afterwards every time (that’s how it goes with 99% of all sports).

But in the last 10 days, I got more and more annoyed in our rolling Tiny House and my mood dropped rapidly towards point zero. My desire for peace and, above all, time for me alone grew immeasurably. I simply did not think about, in my spontaneous joy for that trip, that this could become a problem. For future travels, I will create a small “feel-good” checklist that will allow me to evaluate in advance whether the most important and essential needs are being made available. If necessary, it can be adjusted then.

The escape

As soon as we arrived at our place for the night, I fled. Now I’m sitting here right by the fjord, enjoying the splashing of the water and the view of the wonderful natural beauty around me. I can really wallow in this beautiful feeling right now. And then comes the memory of the comforting feeling that has come up after each meditation.

The feeling of being back with myself, of feeling fully restored to myself. And so again to be more accessible to my people.

I promise myself here at this place to take the time each day again to sit in peace and slow down my thought-pace (I doubt they will ever come to rest completely). To develop even more stable satisfaction and more resistance to my everyday stress.

What are your experiences with mediation?
Do you already have some or how do you find peace in your mind?

Picture: Ingo Ballmann

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