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Franziska Haller, Inhaberin Spinnradl St. Leonhard

Franziska Haller

I am convinced that role models can help us achieve our own wishes and goals. That’s why I launched the series “conscious creatives telling their stories”. Here I would like to introduce you again and again to people who are consciously and creatively shaping their lives.

The family business “Spinnradl” in St. Leonhard in the Passeier Valley has been around for 70 years now. Several years ago, Franziska Haller took over the business from her parents and is now continuing in the 3rd generation. She and her family will illustrate us  in the “Back to the wool “retreat the entire processing process from delivery of regional sheep wool to a finished garment. Today she is available for me as an interview partner and gives us the opportunity to get to know her a little better.

Dear Franziska, …
… when did you realize that you wanted to step into the footsteps of your parents and take over “Spinnradl”?
Or has there never been this one moment and your life has just developed in that direction?

Actually, I graduated from high school at the hotel school. Then I worked for about 2 years in a 5-star hotel at the front desk with a lot of joy, but eventually came to think about of whether this is the right job that I want to do until the end of my life.
So I decided to follow another interest of mine: the fashion.
In order not to visit an expensive fashion university right away, I decided to start with a specialist training as a tailor at the Landesberufsschule in Merano/South Tyrol. I got a place there and started the 3-year training without much thought about the company at home.

The passion for the craft (although I knew it from an early age) grew bigger and bigger.
One day, when my last year of training began, I had to accompany my father to a market where we sold our craft products. When I was allowed to tell the visitors about our craft and our exceptional business, it became clear to me that I had the future of the business in my hands and that I would very much like to continue it. So that the craft can continue to live too.

After a moment’s reflection, I realized that it was the right thing to do and I talked to my parents about my idea. After a short shock second of my father, they were very happy and started with more energy than ever before.

Family Haller, Spinnradl St. Leonhard

… did you grow up with parents who were very open and conscious about life? Which aspect of your education had the most lasting effect on you?

My parents raised us more conservatively. However, they always left us enough space and had the necessary openness to let us go our own way.
Family always came first with us. For my parents, getting together with everyone is always very important. Just as my grandmother always had an important concern. Now I can no longer imagine a life without a family, and I too would like to give my children as much time as possible later on.

“Sometimes I wonder if my work remains in the minds of people.”

… where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from many different moments and environments. Depending on what I need right now. Sometimes I get the best ideas during the most stressful time. Sometimes I need to stay away from the business, have to go into the countryside and switch off. But music is always an important companion.

… at some point, every person who deliberately deals with life will come to the question of what he can do with his actions to the world and to people. Have you ever asked yourself this question?

I have never asked myself the question so directly. Sometimes I wonder if my work remains in the minds of people. I think that I am doing something good with my work, because we work with a natural product and do not have to fool anyone.


… in which form do like-minded people play a role? Are you well off talking about the topics that move you deeply or do you prefer to keep quiet about it?

I like to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Together you always come up with new ideas. I am happy to talk to many colleagues from various disciplines. It is certainly very important to exchange, so as not to become blind. Looking outside the box promotes our creativity and allows us to learn more and more.
But sometimes I feel good about thinking about things myself.

… what does it mean for you to live a creative life?

For me, living a creative life means turning an idea in my mind into a finished piece of fashion to touch and, of course, to put on.

 Copyright photos: Spinnradl

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