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BioLandgut Tiefleiten Saunabereich

Bye bye toxins!

????????? | For the past 20 years, the BioLandgut Tiefleiten in the Bavarian Forest has been practicing “organic” and sustainability. With holistic guidance to a conscious self, it is a wonderful place to recharge your batteries. The hilly landscape is also ideal for hiking and exploring. Whether through beautiful forest sections or over fields, it is wonderfully beautiful there.

Hedwig Hemmerlein-Kohlmünzer and her daughter Johanna, who has returned home after 10 years, are striving for self-sufficiency. Thus, you will find here a combined heat and power plant, solar cells on the roofs, photovoltaics, a fully biological wastewater treatment plant, a natural swimming pond and even in-house mountain spring water. The quality of the water was not only convincing when drinking, no, even when washing your hair and showering I immediately felt the positive effect of natural water. My hair was already silky-tender on the second wash and I barely needed my hair soap.

The family-run estate makes sure that its guests enjoy a relaxed and unloaded stay and offers radiation freedom and electrosmog reduction in all rooms.

In Tiefleiten one is specialized in fasting and in addition to the alkaline fasting also the healing fast is offered. However, of course, “normal eaters” are also welcome. They then enjoy fanciful dishes with around 70% base-forming and 30% acid-forming foods.

Alkaline fasting – what is that?

The alkaline fasting is a gentle, but nevertheless effective form of physical detoxification with lots of fruits, vegetables and other base-forming foods. It restores our acid-base balance in the body. Acidification is no longer a rarity today. It is primarily caused by a malnutrition with too much acidifying foods. But too much stress and lack of exercise, the body can be acidified too.

In contrast to fasting, you can eat properly enough at alkaline fasting. A lot of water and herbal tea should be drunk to help flush the harmful substances out of the body. Inlets, liver wraps, foot and full baths as well as the infrared cabin, the sauna and massages support the detoxification effect.

If you want to know more about it, you can participate every day in the offered program items. Every evening there are information lectures or films about fasting and nutrition, daily sports and exercise offers and alkaline cooking and baking classes.

“What I can not eat will not go on my skin.“

The holistic approach can also be found in the wellness area. Only organic oils, healing herbs from their own garden, base salt and basic natural cosmetics are used.

In my booked package there were two massages that I both did not know yet. During the brush massage, the whole body is rubbed rhythmically with a fine brush. It took a bit of getting used to in the first few seconds, but it settled down quickly and when it was over, I did not want to get up because it was so comfortable. The whole skin was tingling and I felt incredibly enlivened.
On the second last day, I was able to enjoy a salt-oil massage using warm sesame oil and base salt. First, the oil was partially massaged, then the salt was finely drizzled over and then massaged properly into this area. This type of exfoliation did very well and has a long-term effect. After the massage you take a shower and leave the oil film on your skin. 3 days after the massage, I still had super-soft skin, although I had also taken a shower in the meantime. 😉

You’re not alone

During the fasting you are well looked after by the boss and fasting leader Hedwig and her team. Be it the extensive information lectures, the individual discussions or even the daily brief discussion at the breakfast table. Any physical and mental change can be discussed.

Personally, I also like that you do not have to fast on your own. In addition to a few couples, many traveled alone in my fasting week, one found fast connection and exchange. However, those who prefer to stay alone can do this wonderfully. Everything is possible, nothing has to be.

Detoxification for the soul

Not only can we become acidified by improper diet, but also by stress of all kinds, it is no surprise that fasting also stimulates mental purification. Having plenty of time for oneself, one’s body, and one’s well-being creates space for topics that might not be otherwise. However, my experience shows that all these topics are important to watch, so this is a nice way to create that space. Allow and see what happens. Watch it for a while and then let it move on. With this approach I came best this week and after the first 3 “bad” days, I could then feel a wonderful new energy in my body, but also in my heart. A powerful energy that I was allowed to take home and that now gives me a boost in the right direction.

„The BioLandgut Tiefleiten is the place where one meets oneself and nature in a simple, respectful and independent way.”


Long speech, short sense:
I felt very good and well looked after from the beginning and can only recommend a fasting week here at the BioLandgut Tiefleiten.

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